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Galerie online Vitrinart

Galerie online Vitrinart, réservée aux artistes professionnels MDA /MAPRA / ASSOCIATION PRO BOURGOGNE


A small presentation is needed. In the 1990s, I’ve :
-created an associative gallery in Lyon-France with 20 artists with individual monthly exposure
-created collective cultural events, twice a year with the band and guest artists
- Created weekly radio programs on living art "materials and colors"

The showcase VITRINARTWORLD represents the artists I love creating and I want to make known to others through networks.
I present each professional fine art artist with 24/40 photos (450 pixels mini 1050 pixels maxi)+biography+personal exibitions+diaporama+ its computer link. In this presentation, you can as part of a message, submit your technical processes, works, tariffs.
To conclude: I’m an esthete who loves living creation. In the immediate, vitrinart is a set of several websites devoted to art living art professional. Meanwhile in 2014, where I would be art director of the NON PROFIT ART GALLERIES VITRINART and producer of exhibitions, events, video art for poorers and others people.

16 à 24 semaines de délai de parution et diffusion sur les sites web
16-24 weeks lead time for publication and over dissemination on websites


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